Declutter your marketing

Then it's time to Declutter Your Marketing!

My free checklist will help you identify the clutter.

When our marketing efforts don't lead to results,
we tend to work harder, try again, or add more strategies.

Do you recognise that? 

I know, I have been there too. 

But that's a pitfall...

You might be working on all kinds of unnecessary things
that don’t fit your style nor your strengths.

the first step is to download my free checklist.
 I'll show you:
When marketing strategies are clogged up, complicated, scattered and outdated
in what areas your marketing has clogged up
It's not your fault. It's like stuff that sneaks into your drawers, wardrobe, garage, etc. or gurus have told you their latest This-Will-Fix-It-All strategy.
Just see it as it is... a good clean-up as you do in your house once in a while.
And that starts with an inventory.
After counting your score, you'll see three types of results. Each of them has a description what to do next.
The goal is to create a coherent whole with aligned marketing strategies that have the most transformational power for you and your business.
Hi, I'm Monika de Neef, guiding freedom-loving solopreneurs and small business owners to the lifestyle business of their dreams.
In the sense of living a good life and doing good for the world over just making money.
Having had serial businesses over the past 20 years or so, I know what it is like how complicated, scattered, and outdated marketing strategies can be.

So how to create a holistic system that works for you AND gives you the freedom to live your life freely?

This is what I have learned on my sense-making quest…

When your marketing efforts don’t work as planned, it's wise to go back to the basics and foundation of branding first.

By chosing your unique style that aligns with who you truly are, you can put all kinds of marketing strategies in the rubbish bin.

Does that feel liberating to you?

It’s only then that the purity of your unique, natural style shines through and attracts the right clients in a consistent flow.

So where other business coaches are teaching you more marketing strategies, I help you declutter and transform a superficial, overcrowded collection into a coherent whole.

I'd love to help you become a truly lifestyle-focused entrepreneur or small business owner (without taking a hit on income).

To your freedom!
Monika de Neef
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Decluttering Your Marketing and
feeling free again is only a click away... 
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